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Lexus RX300

Better than the bland-looking first generation RX. This one has
classy good looks, although if you're looking for brutal road
presence look elsewhere.
The RX stays safe and composed as its dynamic limits approach, but
it's not the sort of car you're going to throw down a
The RX is a great way to spend long journeys - the spacious cabin
is very comfortable and the compliant suspension keeps bumps and
bangs out of the cabin.

The basic RX350 is respectably quick, while the 450h hybrid is
impressively rapid when you wind it up.

The RX350 has a serious thirst for unleaded under everything but
the most gentle use. The 450h hybrid can be more economical - but
its relatively poor residual values show that it still has to prove
Excellent standard equipment makes the RX look good value against
rivals. Top spec versions are loaded with pretty much every extra
you can think of as part of the price, including satnav.


Lexus RX300
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