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2001 Lexus RX300 Review, Don Ladew, From Studio City, C

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AWD Navi Pkg

 Model of the car:AWD Navi Pkg
 General comments:As noted above, the RX has several ergonomic flaws that are too severe to ignore. While the build quality and technology in this vehicle is simply the best out there...the ergonomic aspects can get incredibly frustrating. Overall I would not recommend this vehicle unless at least the storage areas (cup-holders and storage bins etc.) are redesigned.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Extremely wide turning circle makes normal U-Turns almost impossible!Center storage compartments are ridiculous! - the storage areas are inaccessible when the cup holders are being used!! Also the size anddivisions of these compartments are the strangest I've ever seen with lots of wasted space! Due to theabsence of an extended center pillar it is extremely difficult to find space to momentarily place something down!!Also cup holders for the rear passengers are placed nearer the front seats and not really accessiblefrom the rear, a ridiculous solitary cup holder is placed underneath the rear seat - these are ridiculous designs, what were these engineers thinking!!The "snazz" that has been applied to the rear tailights in the new model is not particularly appealing to meand looks cheap.Some interior materials are cheap looking!No steering wheel audio controls - a glaring ommission in a 40K car! Even my far less expensive Accord EX-V6 had them!Paint finish is somewhat inferior and susceptible to streaking easilyIn-dash CD is antiquated (using magazines!!), and very poorly located in the glove compartmentAudio system is laborious to use since it is linked to the touch screenToo much wind noise when sunroof is open, this can be very annoying!
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Review 2001 Lexus RX300 Don Ladew, From Studio City, C
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