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2001 Lexus RX300 Review, Jim Cavallerano, From Newport

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AWD With Navi

 Model of the car:AWD With Navi
 General comments:As several others have pointed out already the ergonomics of this vehicle are just plain terrible. It is very unusual for a Lexus which is usually very thorough.Everytime I drive this vehicle I hate it, I agree with the other reviewer who pointed out that there is absolutely no storage space in the vehicle AT ALL!!! I find it extremely difficult even to find a space to put my cell phone while it is charging. The cup holders for the rear passengers are placed next to the front seats which is so wierd I have not seen anything like it before!!I regret leasing this vehicle and if I could I would return it right away. Unfortunately the flaws in this vehicle become apparent only after a week of ownership. I have decided that I will be returning this vehicle at the end of my 36-month lease. Lexus can then scrap it because the metal is worth more than this SUV itself.The navigation system cannot find any point of interest locations at all.. I live in the Los Angeles metro area and it does not have information on "7-eleven" or "McDonalds". One also cannot locate the "nearest gas station" - you have to type in the name like "Mobil", "Arco" which is really lame. In the MDX I was able to highly customize the directions to my liking. The Acura Navigation had all this and much much more! Unlike the Acura system the Lexus unit is not very accurate in its instructions.The bottom line - get the MDX, you will be much happier.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No storage areasCup holders are strangely locatedCD unit in glovebox is plain stupidLousy Navigation systemLocation of most button on dash are awkward
 Previous car:Acura MDX

Review 2001 Lexus RX300 Jim Cavallerano, From Newport
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