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2001 Lexus RX300 Review, F.S. Morris, From Nashua

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Lexus RX300

 Model of the car:Lexus RX300
 General comments:Ok,,,I started to read the reviews below, and decided that there must be a bunch of well heeled morons alive in kicking in Canada and the US.Some of you state that this vehicle is the worst vehicle you have ever owned or whatever other mumbo jumbo you idiots stated in your reviews.Lest I be ignorant, not everyone can afford a 40K automobile? And those that can, I would have thought would have researched that purchase somewhat before making it? It seems some of you must have purchased this vehicle sight unseen, or, because your wallet was as fat as your heads you bought to impress the Jones next store.This is a lite duty SUV, or as Motor Trend puts it, a AWD camry. I read many articles I could find about the car, and found none that did not recommend it, including Consumer Reports.Yea, it has a few minor irritants, typical of most cars, and in particular SUV's.I have owned lots of High End automobiles, and none has been perfect, well my S4 is almost perfect.So, take a breather, and if you can find your way past your over inflated heads and
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Yea, I must agree the CD player is almost as bad as in the trunk, almost useless insteads of useless. The Nav system is not all that intuitive, my Nav system on cd in my Audi without the screen is easier to use.Its my wifes car, I'd never buy one its just not manly enough lol.By the way, did I mention expencive.
 Previous car:Toyo 4 Runners, the 4runner was a Truck, We had both the 93 and 96, the 93 was a POS. The 96 was a vast improvement. Several Bronco's etc...You know your typical P

Review 2001 Lexus RX300 F.S. Morris, From Nashua
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