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2004 Lexus RX300 Review, Gen Lee

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RX 330

 Model of the car:RX 330
 General comments:The car drives ok. After 4500 mi, the wheel seems to be a little wriggly when driving fast. Enjoy the rear camera, navigation, and sporty look. The euro-suspension is not all it's claimed to be. Basically, it's nothing worth thrilling about. Based on my overall experience with the dealer and car, I would say I would have considered another car with no doubt.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:The only weakness is LONGO LEXUS at El Monte California. If their service department doesn't CONSISTENTLY screw up minor maintenance issues, I would enjoy the Lexus a lot more. Went in for svc only three times. The first time I went in for the 1000 mi service, they scratched my car at their car wash and reluctantly agreed to fix it after blaming me for doing it. Second time, told the service consultant directly not to wash the car, guess what, washed it again and this time I had their service guy as a witness. After talking to the svc manager, they said it was not documented when we called again to confirm their fixing the scratches as they agreed at the 5000 mi svc. Third time, they had us wait 30 mins (was it vengence?) to get our loaner car while everyone got their car who came after us. (I can't wait to go pick up my car tomorrow and see what drama I run into this time- yeah right!) The only thing the svc consultant said was 'they're getting the car for you now' after confronting the issue. No apology, no remedy (I asked for something that's readily available), just 'they're getting the car for you'!The sales went so well I thought their maintenance service was just as exceptional. Now, I literally cringe thinking about going to get my car serviced. Overall, I would say consider another dealer before even going to them because apparently when I emailed and complained to my Lexus driver
 Previous car:Mercedes ML, BMW X5, Acura MDX

Review 2004 Lexus RX300 Gen Lee
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